Multimedia Package Title and Hyperlink

2016: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphic

Multimedia Critique

• Briefly describe what the piece is about.

2016 : The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics complies the New York times top articles form 2016 in place. The piece serves as a comprehensive way to review the year. They were creative in the production of this piece proving that less is more opting 10 feature on the lead photo, title, and byline of each article on the cover page. They also embedded a hyperlink in each title so if the reader was interested they would be able to read full length piece it was associated with.

• Why did you like it?

I appreciated how esthetically clean and to the point the presentation was. It made it accessible to readers at all levels and allowed them to cater the experience to their interests when they selected what articles they want to learn more about.

• How does it represent a good use of multimedia?

This is a great example of multimedia use because they pull you in with photo journalism, transition the articles, and use creative visuals that include moving photos, videos, and graphics depending on the piece.

• What did you dislike about it? What were its drawbacks?

Personally I loved the piece however it was not designed to be viewed in one sitting. As a result it something that readers would need to visit on multiple occasions in order to get a full understanding of the detail in each story.

• Was is long? Did you get through the whole thing?

The piece was long and while I did make it through the primary document I was only able to complete a few of the hyperlinked articles.

• How do you think it could have been improved?

Personally I wouldn’t change anything. They could have linked to a summary instead or the full article or a facts page but I see real integrity in taking the reader back to the original article / work of art the author created.

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