‘War Dogs’ and the Celebration of One-Percenter Debauchery
devon maloney

This is so necessary. Just as much in minority communities like I grew up in. I can’t tell you the kind of kids I grew up with worshipping fictional characters like Scarface or celebrating the behavior of characters based on real people like Frank Lucas from American Gangster. I get it, someone who came from nothing to being a powerful figure but no one stops to think about the tragedies they committed to their victims before wearing them on T-shirts. That scene where your favorite gangster gets murdered like a dog or snitches on everyone for a reduced sentence? Nah, we’ll just remember the dope stuff he said word for word to that one powerless character verbatim.

On the other hand, the ones with foresight turn into the Jay-Z’s of the world. But it’s also why I’ve come across so many people who think they have to be these aggressive and hostile titans of capitalism wherever they work. I think it’s important to also show the damage these “characters” produce and it’s actually why I appreciated The Big Short. There was time spent on dwelling on the horror of the entire situation and the horrible situations these people were completely swindled into. Great piece. Looking forward to reading more of your stuff!

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