Inauguration Day, 2017

A former White House image maker has seen this movie before — and knows how it ends

I’ve been keeping an eye on the president.

When Donald Trump took his oath of office on a grim Friday morning 101 days ago, I immediately spied a dramatic departure from presidents past: his microphone had sprouted a new long neck. There was more to this change than met the eye; or at least my eye.

He’s been under my watch every day since, for fourteen weeks, observed like everyone else sees him: on television, in newspaper and magazine photos, in online publications…

I spent the weekend in New Hampshire visiting my son at summer camp. One of the pastimes in the boys’ cabin, I learned, was an ongoing competition to see who could be the first to commit the entire libretto of Hamilton to memory. Hearing them practice, over and over, gave me my own pastime on the long trip back to New York tonight.

So here, inspired by the lyrics of Lin-Manuel Miranda, and rapped to the tune of “Alexander Hamilton,” is a little ditty to welcome us to convention week: “Hillary and Timothy.”

Take it away, company…

How does…

I’ve watched the revival of America’s favorite political stage show every four years since 1988. After twenty-eight years of podium performances, will Philadelphia become the venue for a fabled finale?

I’m gearing up, at age 50, to attend my eighth consecutive Democratic Convention. Once a kid packing his bags for Atlanta, this time I’ll have my own kids in tow for a short trip from New York to Philadelphia. They’ll see a spectacle, starting with opening gavel on July 25, like I saw in 1988.

A more celebrated convention dinosaur who betters my streak is 69-year old Bill Clinton, who…

Joshua King

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