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Jul 9 · 2 min read


A new update will be issued this week, whith the following patch notes: — Snowgem Added to the PolisPay platform. — Shift UX improvements. — Minor bug fixes.

Also, due to maintenance for all our back end services, all PolisPay services will not be available tomorrow from 7:00 PDT, to 19:00 PDT.

Thanks for your comprehension.

PolisPay card

Regarding the PolisPay cards, we have no big update to share on this right now. Once we have news we will publish everything we know.

Polis Core

We have released a new Polis Core version, which includes the following fixes:

  • Improvements over the message processing.

This version is non-mandatory, but if you are having problems with your nodes it is highly recommended you update to this version. A masternode restart is required.

If your masternode is on https://platform.polisnodes.io/ , the update will be handled for you and you will need to restart your node.

You can download it here:


Polis Nodes

We are now over 500 masternodes!

Remember that if you have your POLIS masternode in PolisNodes, you don´t have to do an ything for the next update, everything will be handled for you.

You will receive an email when you need to restart your nodes.


Community engagement

We have just been listed on a new DEX as a base pair. This opens new possibilities for liquidity, as well as bringing more attention to POLIS.

POLIS can now be exchanged for: — Bitcoin. — Digibyte. — Litecoin. — Verge — Snowgem — Vertcoin — Ravencoin — Doge — Dash — Myriad — Bitcoin Gold — Reddcoin — Bitcoin cash — Pivx — Zcoin — Smartcash — Zcash — Groestlcoin

Here is the website: https://www.dynx.io/

Community Management and Outreachand trust

We’d like to remind you that you can follow us on these Social Media Networks:

A Weekly Polis (such as this one) will be posted each Monday of each week in Medium, Discord, and Bitcointalk and links to both will be shared across all social media.

We’re deeply grateful with all your support from our community and our partner’s communities also and we want to thank you for reading. Together we are strong and we will strive just as we’ve done before to give you all the best! )

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