Clinton: Deaths of Dallas police drew nearly 500 job applicants

Hillary Clinton takes the stage to accept the party’s presidential nomination, at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA. (NYT)

By Jon Greenberg, PolitiFact staff writer

As she accepted the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton hammered her campaign’s central theme that the country moves forward when people work together. Clinton found inspiration from the response that came after five police officers were shot dead in Dallas.

“Chief David Brown asked the community to support his force, maybe even join them,” Clinton said. “And you know how the community responded? Nearly 500 people applied in just 12 days.”

Clinton has it right.

On July 7 in Dallas, as a peaceful protest wrapped up in the evening, an Army veteran systematically opened fire on white police officers. By the time he was cornered and killed, five officers were dead.

Four days later, the Dallas police chief held a press conference where he urged the public to understand the pressures facing his officers. And he addressed the protestors in the Black Lives Matter movement.

“We’re hiring,” Brown said. “Get off that protest line and put an application in.”

The plea seems to have worked.

On July 22,the Dallas Police Department posted the application numbers on its Facebook page.

In the 12 days between July 8 and July 20, 467 people applied to work for the department.

There’s been no further update on the department’s Facebook page.

Our ruling

Clinton said nearly 500 people applied to the Dallas Police Department in 12 days. The Dallas police said 467 people applied between July 8 and July 20.

That’s reasonably close to 500.

We rate this claim True.


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