The typical woman working full time in 2014 was paid 79 percent of what men were paid. Black women earned just 60 percent of what white men made, and Latinas earned just 55 percent.
Three myths about equal pay — and how we can close the pay gap once and for all.
Hillary Clinton

Clinton phrases her statement carefully, but this is tricky statistical terrain. The 79 percent figure is accurate — but it doesn’t stem only, or even primarily, from gender discrimination. The number also factors in different choices women make about careers and working hours, some of which are entirely voluntary and some of which have to do with historical patterns of women’s access to certain jobs that weren’t voluntary long ago. What isn’t correct — and Clinton avoided this pitfall here — is to say that women earn 79 cents for every dollar a man earns in the SAME JOB. That would mean that there is a 21 cent gap purely attributable to gender discrimination, and that’s not the case. We typically rate that claim Mostly False, compared to a rating of Mostly True for statements like the one Clinton offered here. Click here for a more detailed rundown of some of these issues:

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