Aligning with survivors in situations of alleged abuse is the best approach; false claims are a…
Amy Crean

Aligning with any side in what is ultimately a legal dispute is incorrect and unethical. As a law student, you should know that justice is blind. Now indeed, as a lawyer, you must become an advocate for your client, but that doesn’t mean that you should allow your personal biases to control you on every case you aren’t personally involved in. The fact of the matter is that there are false claims of abuse made, sexual and otherwise. Just look in the US where two notorious incidents in our recent past were the Duke lacrosse case and the fantasy Rolling Stone article. For you, as a future lawyer, to allow your politics and bias to so clearly cloud your judgment is worrying. Why would you assume that the abuse claim is unlikely to be proved false? For that matter, why would you assume it’s likely to be proved false? Why not just follow the evidence to what ever truth it leads to?

Seeing these kind of biases is what made me stop wanting to pursue the law.