“10.8% was the average salary hike in corporate sector in India in 2015”

— By Towers Watson, a global HR consulting

‘Aam Adami’ Ki ‘Khaas Sarkar’

In a world where around 10% salary hike is considered decent, nobody would have ever thought about a 400% salary hike. This is way beyond our imagination and nobody can get in any of the job. But the so-called representatives of ‘Aam Adami’ are likely to get as they have cleared the bill allowing a big fat salary hike to them.

Aam Aadmi Party Convenor and Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal with other MLAs

Aam Adami Party came into power with a promise of offering alternate politics and ending VIP culture. Electorate of Delhi had set very high expectations but shattering their hopes, the representatives led by Arvind Kejriwal, went ahead to make things even worse. After all the scandals, the name-calling, exists and u-turns, the AAP has very brazenly triggered yet another controversy. This time gifting a big fat hike in the salary of Delhi’s legislatures!

Double standards in politics

AAP’s sheer hypocrisy and double standards towards politics has been exposed now. Good governance and the people centric approach as promised by Arvind Kejriwal, proved to be a farce. It is shocking that the AAP government has no funds to pay salaries to the Safai Karmacharis (sweepers) of MCD, likewise have no funds to pay salaries to contractual guest-teachers of government schools, no funds to pay old-age pensioners and widows, but they have all the funds to fill the pockets of their MLAs. Adding to public woes, this personal enrichment of legislatures is at the cost of honest taxpayers!

Delhi MCD workers and Guest teachers burning the effigy of Arvind Kejriwal

Kejriwal government has no funds for paying:

· Salaries of Safai Karamcharis

· Salaries of contractual teachers

· Old-age pension

· Widow pension

But, all the funds for whopping 400% salary hike for MLAs

Source: Times of India (December 4, 2015)

As a simple HR principle, salary hike is directly proportional to outcome of an employee. But that is not the case with AAP legislatures. It has been almost a year since Kejriwal took charge of the Delhi government and none of the promises has been delivered. All we have seen so far is the internal rift and Kejriwal’s excuses on how centre is not letting him to operate freely.

Arvind Kejriwal is known for asking people’s referendum on every small initiative government takes. Then, why was a referendum not asked when AAP government decided to raise the salary of legislatures? Perhaps he knew the public opinion before hand. Public slamming on social media validates this point and that’s the reason, Kejriwal is very selective in taking public opinions.

Kejriwal’s austerity exposed

Prior to getting elected to power and during elections, Kejriwal used to drive an old Wagon R car and now that the elections are over, he travels in a 15-lakh car and has ensured the same treatment for his MLAs. Portraying an image of simple person, who believed in Gandhian Philosphy, he always made sure that media captured the image of him wearing ordinary clothes, muffler, slipper etc.

Arvind Kejriwal travelling in a luxury SUV car

Moreover, AAP now wants to bestow upon its MLAs a travelling allowance amounting to 6,60,000 annually per MLA to travel within the borders of Delhi. It is to be noted here that the AAP MLAs are not required to travel outside of Delhi to reach the Assembly!

Arvind Kejriwal has moved into a 5000 sq. meter bungalow in Civil Lines and his Deputy, Manish Sisodia has occupied the official residence of former Chief Minister, Sheila Dikshit. Kejriwal and his party men have conveniently forgot that they would vehemently condemn the politicians living in palatial government bungalows and also pledged that they would never accept one for themselves.

Entrance gate of Arvind Kejriwal Bungalow

Maximum Government and No Governance

In a brazen move, Arvind Kejriwal has appointed 21 of his MLAs as parliamentary secretaries, enabling them to enjoy ministerial status, office and transport at the cost of the exchequer. This translates into a situation where every minister of Delhi Government is having three sub-ministers. This was a political move by Kejriwal to appease his powerful MLAs, as constitutionally Delhi cannot have more than seven ministers in total.

As projected before the election, if these MLAs were simple individuals committed to serving the common people of Delhi then what was the need to provide them with ministerial status paraphernalia?

Explaining his logic, Arvind Kejriwal goes on to say that this would ensure a ‘corruption-free’ environment among lawmakers. But two important questions arise here — One, does a person earning more tend to be less corrupt? Two, wasn’t a promise of being ‘corruption-free’ that AAP made in the first place?

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