A rebel MLA of AAP exposed Kejriwal

“Pankaj Pushkar, the legislator from Timarpur exposed the so called Aam Admi, Arvind Kejriwal government over the lack of facilities in unauthorised colonies.”

Pankaj Pushkar,a rebel MLA of AAP.

The muffler man, Arvind Kejriwal had played a big stunt to woo the voters of unauthorised colonies by promised them to provide all the facilities in their respective areas. Moreover, the residents of unauthorized colonies are always being targeted by the political parties.

An unauthorized colony of Delhi.

Aam Admi Party had mentioned the promise in its party manifesto and won the support of the residents of these colonies.

However, the ruling party has shown its colour and proved that AAP is just like the other political parties. Nothing has been done so far by the ruling AAP government for unauthorized colonies.

The shocking truth was unearthed by a legislator of the party, Pankaj Pushkar who raised his voice against Kejriwal for not fulfilling the promise. In August, 2015, Pushkar had written to CM Kejriwal and his deputy, Manish Sisodia on the “neglect and substandard” treatment to Sangam Vihar Wazirabad unauthorized colony.

Apart from the letter, he had raised the question so many times in Delhi assembly and even he had written to the development committee but nothing has been done so far by the authorities.

After doing everything in his capacity as an MLA, Pankaj Pushkar will be reminding the Kejriwal government of its promises made to the public regarding basic amenities and regularisation of unauthorised colonies.

AAP promised to regularise these colonies, done nothing after winning the elections

The ruling AAP had promised the residents of unauthorized colonies that after forming the government, the party would regularized the colonies but still after a year of AAP regime in Delhi, the unauthorized colonies are neglected in the city.

Promise far from reality

According to the information, approximately 40 lakh people in Delhi live in the unauthorised colonies. Kejriwal had thought that the issue would fetch votes for AAP but when the party won the elections, the “topiwala” was shocked because it requires crores of funds to regularise the colonies. Moreover, there are legal hitches in the process of regularization. Pushkar raised his voice against the Kejriwal and the party suspended him. He exposed the stunt of the chief minister who had just wooed the voters only. It would require proper sanitation facilities, power supply, water supply and cleanliness in the colonies if they become regularize. However, the Chief Minister of Delhi had just shown the dreams to the residents which could not be changed into reality.

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