AAP fails in preventing & curbing dengue

“Recent outbreak of Dengue in the National capital claimed 20 lives and over 2,000 reported cases by but unfortunately instead of owning up responsibility and taking charge of the situation AAP government was seen indulging in mud slinging”

After giving flamboyant promises on health, the Aam Aadmi Party’s tall promises fell flat as it got circled up in wake of dengue crisis. Instead of bravely facing the situation, AAP indulged in blame game with centre and previous governments.

During the massive dengue outbreak, it was shocking to see that no separate provisions/fund were given to Delhi. Government hospitals and the medical failure was the reason for highest cases of death reported from dengue.

While Dengue cases were rising in Delhi and city was overlooking the dangers of facing a possible epidemic, the government completely ignored the situation and failed to take necessary steps. It is really unfortunate that Delhi government failed in taking preventive steps to control the disease and provide adequate medical facilities to the patients.

Public outrage

It is pertinent to note that AAP government in its maiden budget had announced 1.5 times more budget for health, but it has failed miserably to implement anything on ground. Completely failing in curbing dengue, AAP government faced public ire. Moreover silence of Delhi CM, Arvind Kejriwal who has the tenacity to raise his voice on issues from across the world, generated even more frustration from people of Delhi.

AAP’s escapist attitude

In yet another demonstration of escapist attitude, the AAP government released a statement, “the primary responsibility of tackling the issue of dengue in the national capital is that of the MCD.” “This has now become an issue of every year. The MCD is under the BJP”, its leaders added.

But the crucial question arises here - since they were so intelligent enough to gauge the ineffectiveness of BJP leaders then why did they as representatives of the Delhi government not take enough steps, much in advance, to safeguard the health of the citizens of Delhi?

In wake of failure and delay in controlling the spread of dengue fever, AAP government not only caused damage to public life and health in the Capital but also lost the undue trust & faith of Delhi voters it held garnered in the pre-poll stage.

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