AAP’s alternative politics, a sham!

“Aam Aadmi Party ventured out with a promise of delivering alternative politics and Delhi voters who wholeheartedly supported AAP are now disillusioned lot. Carried away by an emotional exuberance and revolt against the system, which was harbored for so long, the final outcome proved to be utter disappointment.”

AAP that talked about corruption free governance and had promised to usher an era of alternative politics has instead gone against its founding principles. AAP government was marked with 400% salary hike of its legislatures and glorification of its governance by spending massive Rs. 526 on advertising. But the dark reality staring Delhi is that there is no end to woes of its citizens.

AAP failed to provide basic salaries to the MCD workers, who had to protest for getting their over-pending dues released by AAP government. The government not just failed to regularize contractual workers as promised, contractual workers continued to live on edge as besides MCD workers, even doctors and teachers didn’t get their salary.

False projection of being pro-poor

The people from socially and economically weaker section of society played a major role in AAP’s massive win in Delhi assembly polls. Arvind Kejriwal showed commitment to uplift the poor people and made promises like regularizing contractual workers, contracting permanent house and most importantly authorizing the unauthorized colonies. It is relevant here that 40% of Delhi’s people are on brink as they live in unauthorized colonies.

No end to corruption

Biggest promise made by AAP government was to completely put an end the grave issue of corruption. But that proved be just a lip service as one after another scams surfaced AAP government after coming to power. Onion scam, sugar scam, fake auto permit scam, CNG scam, the list is endless. No government in any of the state would have witnessed the amount of scams that hit Delhi government in its first year.

People were expecting AAP to change the rules of politics, but instead it became the part of the game completely ignoring the grass-root issues of the masses.