AAP’s lost ground on its health goals

“Poor healthcare system has been one of the biggest concerns in a developing country like India and realising the pressing need, AAP had made tall promises to entice the voters of Delhi. But, with doctors going on strike and deteriorating healthcare facilities in the National capital, it is now clear that their promises were only poll plank”

It is relevant to note here that as per their pre-poll promise, AAP had committed to build 900 primary heath centres in Delhi with an addition of 30,000 beds. It’s been a year since AAP took charge and there is no headway on this front.

Besides, AAP in its three-tier strategy to massively improve healthcare in Delhi, had promised building 1000 swanky air-conditioned mohalla clinics. However, so far the AAP government has only launched just one mohalla clinic at Peeragarhi refugee settlement in northwest Delhi.

Delhi’s crumbling healthcare exposed by RTI

While non-payment of salary of doctors is major issue crippling Delhi healthcare, there are large number personnel working on contractual basis and even a larger chunk of vacancies, which needs to be filled. The RTI filed by a Delhi based NGO revealed a stark reality of city’s healthcare system.

As per the RTI findings, at the moment there are 514 doctors still on temporary or contract basis and there is a vacancy of 712 doctors in Delhi government hospitals. Where as 1049 nurses are on contract or temporary basis and there are 1071 vacancy for nurses. While there are 860 people working as paramedical staff in Delhi government hospitals, there are still 945 vacancies, which are vacant.

Contradictory to their claims propagated through massive ad campaign of being committed to providing world-class patient bed ratio, Delhi’s dismal patient bed ratio is well below the recommended figure. While Delhi has 2.7 beds per thousand patients, the Wold Health Organisation’s (WHO) recommended standard is 5 beds per 1000.

Adding to the shame of Delhi’s poor healthcare is the findings of a recent survey done by “Arcadis”, a Dutch social group, on most sustainable cities. Delhi has stood at poor 49th out of a list of 50 in the parameter of health.

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