AAP’s politics over lives of innocents

“People living in slums of Delhi played a major role in putting the AAP in charge of reigns of the power. AAP struck a chord with millions of slum dwellers in wake of tall promises like pucca houses. With all promises proving to be poll plank, AAP is now busy with playing politics on lives of these hapless people”

Shakur Basti in west Delhi devastated after the demolition

Besides promising pucca houses to all slum dwellers, Aam Adami party also showed commitment to completely end demolition drive in Delhi. In the run-up to assembly poll, AAP stated that till rehabilitation was done, no slums would be demolished; improvement in local living conditions would be made with provision of water, sewerage lines and proper waste management.

Shakur Basti demolition: AAP’s failure to rehabilitate slum dwellers

Hundreds of shanties were demolished in an alleged anti-encroachment drive undertaken by Railways in Shakur Basti. Shakur Basti had come up in railways land and it was coming it was dangerously close to railway track. It is relevant to note that no human habitation should come up in less than 15 yards of railway track. So Railways had no option but to relocate the inhabitants of Shakur Basti.

Railways tried to get the land vacated and issued three notices to Delhi government in nine months to evacuate slum dwellers from there. When Kejriwal government didn’t pay heed to railways pleas for as long as nine months, it was left with no option but to take the punitive action and hence demolition drive was initiated, which left thousands of people homeless.

AAP’s politics on issue

After the demolition drive, Arvind Kejriwal sent a flurry of emotional tweets on how in humane it was? He further resorted to his typical trait of indulging in blame game and started blaming centre government and railways for the drive. But the crucial question arise — what was Kejriwal doing for nine months?

Leave aside the poll promise; it is the moral responsibility of state government to rehabilitate slum dwellers before undertaking demolition drive. It is very unfortunate that no government official bothered to visit the site when drive was underway and immediately started blame-game when demolition drive was over.

While, on one side Kejriwal promised moon by assuring pucca houses for all the slum dwellers of Delhi and delivered nothing, on other side 38,000 houses of Delhi slum board are lying unutilised.

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