AAP wants everything on Platter

“From ‘Odd-even scheme’ to ‘Water crisis in Delhi’, Arvind Kejriwal-led Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has always been whacked by the Supreme Court, since it came to power. The AAP government had made it a daily affair to approach Delhi Supreme Court over every big or small issue.”

Earlier also, AAP government was slammed by the apex court for the “vague” status report filed in concern with Delhi pollution level, as it lacked the crucial data. It would not be wrong to mention here that practical difficulties were witnessed during the 15 day trial of Odd-even scheme, which was initiated by AAP government.

AAP government after its failure to solve issues at ‘government-to-government’ level, had moved to the apex court with the ‘major water crisis’ issue. Kejriwal-led AAP government seeked Centre’s intervention for uninterrupted supply of water from Munak Canal in Haryana, which allegedly, was under siege by the Jat agitators demanding reservation.

Kejriwal has literally been in a fight with Delhi Lieutenant Governor, Najeeb Jung as well as Prime Minister Narendra Modi since AAP came to power. Kejriwal’s game of politics is different from that of Central Government. Kejriwal is more confrontational, disruptive and anti-establishment, which has led him into controversies — one after other, past one year.

Haryana has been on boil

With Jat community on agitation demanding reservations in government jobs and educational institutions; Haryana has been on boil for the past few days. Water supply of National capital Delhi has been badly affected following cut in its supply from Haryana.

Kejriwal, who seek Supreme Court’s orders for the Centre Government to resume water supply to the National Capital, has been banged down by Supreme Court as it approached the court over a water crisis triggered by the violent demonstrations.

“Why does AAP government want everything on Platter? Why can’t it work in coordination with the Centre Government, as well as its counterparts? Why does it come to Supreme Court over every issue?”, questioned Chief Justice of India T. S. Thakur.

AAP government could have sorted out this issue with a simple ‘government-to-government’ talk, instead of coming to the court and wasting court’s time.

“These issues can be sorted by going to field and not sitting in AC chambers”, said the bench of court, referring to the presence of Delhi Water Minister Kapil Mishra in the courtroom.

Whether through government-to-government talks or courts’ orders, there should not be any delay in the water supply in Delhi as it is the lifeline of the people. It’s high time for Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to take action in favour of the ‘common man’, who had voted for him rather than showcasing his supremacy.

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