Afraid of punitive action, Kejriwal exploits legal loopholes

“Arvind Kejriwal is never afraid of leveling allegations against anyone with an aim to gain cheap publicity. With this dubious intention, he leveled corruption charges against union finance minster, Arun Jaitely — but he was unable to substantiate with any evidence and now facing defamation charges, he is desperately trying to exploit legal loophole to save his skin.”

Kejriwal created a controversy of sort with an aim to gain cheap publicity. He raised the issue of irregularities and in the functioning of Delhi and District Cricket Board (DDCA) and leveled corruption charges against its president and Union Finance Minister, Arun Jaitely. But unable to substantiate his charges, he faced imminent arrest as Arun Jaitely filed corruption charges against him.

Run for cover

Unable to furnish any evidence to support corruption charges leveled against Arun Jaitely, Kejriwal in a desperate attempt to facing public mockery and punitive action first pleaded the court to quash the defamation case. And, now he has gone to the extent of resorting to take cover under legal loopholes to save his skin.

It must be noted here that Kejriwal has opposed the evidence furnished by Jaitely in the court on the plea that it was not supported by an affidavit.

A classic instance of “political vendetta” Arvind Kejriwal tried to maligning public image of union minister. This was typical of Kejriwal, pushed to hitting below the belt to gain cheap publicity. Failed to substantiate his viewpoint and furnish any evidence to proof his charges, all his allegations proved to be a sham.

When politicians like Kejriwal pretend to be prosecutors; use of weapon of defamation becomes inevitable. Failing to defend himself, Kejriwal is now roaring like a wild animal in desperate run for cover!

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