Delhi govt.’s complete failure in curbing crime against women

“Delhi reports 24 rapes and molestation cases everyday. Crime against women has risen in Delhi at an alarming rate of 20% in last on year”

The dubious distinction of Delhi in crime against women was official confirmed as in a report published by The Hindu in 2015, for the first time in history, National capital was officially declared as the “rape capital” of India based on data from National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB).

According to data by NCRB, Delhi reported 1,813 rape cases per one-lakh members of the population; corresponding figure for Mumbai was 607 cases. According to the statistics, among the four metros, Kolkata is the safest city on this front, with only 36 cases reported.

These figures show a disturbing trend of crime against women in Delhi. AAP came to power with promise to improve security for women, but so far it has not done anything in this regard.

Crime against women up at an alarming rate

To grab power Kejriwal tried to politicized rapes. Got entangled himself, he has failed miserably to deliver his promise on women security. Crime against women in capital has gone up by 20% in 2015 as compared to 2014, and there has been a 27% increase in registration of rape cases. A total of 6,482 cases of rape and molestation were registered under IPC up to October 31 against 5,483 in the corresponding period last year.

Rising graph of crime against women in Delhi

In the run-up to election, Kejriwal had promised setting up fast track court to speed up judicial proceedings pertaining to crime against women. But one year after taking charge of government, not even a single fast track court has been set up the government to ensure justice to rape victims.

Testimony to a situation of complete lawlessness, is the fact that — Delhi Police had registered 7,124 FIRs of rape in the first eight months of 2015 of which only one case was solved.

Change of guard

Kejriwal always held Shiela Dikshit responsible for rapes in Delhi as a Chief Minster. But after becoming Delhi CM, he has completely turned around and has been crying for helplessness. Now, he has conveniently put the blame on Prime Minister and LG and leaves no opportunity to hold them responsible for crime against women.

While Arvind Kejriwal is busy in mud slinging and blame-game, crime rate against women is rising at an alarming rate. The data released by NCRB is scary; there is another side, which is even scarier. Delhi government has not only failed in curbing crime against women but also failed miserably in justice delivery system.

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