Delhi villages in “grim” situation under “AAP” government

The “Aam Admi” Party had shown dreams of development to the residents of villages of Delhi. The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal misled the people. Though AAP had come to power on the elusion by these false promises, the people are still dreaming of development but the government is not doing anything about it except putting blames on the centre government.

A year ago when Kejriwal had taken the oath as Chief Minister of the national capital, he was boldly claiming to bring revolution in the system. However, in a year it seems all the promises were just lies to win the votes only. The villages in Delhi still are waiting to be revamped and equipped with the latest facilities.

Promise vs Reality

There are still villages in Delhi where women wait till it is dark to attend to nature’s call in the outdoors. In Mangolpuri and Sultanpur Majra village, there is not a single toilet there and they have to wait till it is dark to go out.

Residents complained that municipal corporation people visited there earlier and took measurements to set up toilets but nothing has happened. If we talk about Rithala village, people are forced to live near choked drains risking their lives. Garbage is thrown near metro pillars or on both sides of the road.

There is no public conveniences have been built in the area. The only existing toilet is also in poor condition.

For the residents of Taimoor Nagar, foul air, contaminated water, sewage water and garbage dumps have become a routine affair.

Khizrabad, which is close to Taimoor Nagar, also deals with a bad drainage system which the government could have solved but didn’t.

Opposition raised the issue in Delhi assembly

The leader of opposition from BJP Vijender Gupta has raised the issue in the assembly so many times but nothing has been done so far by the ruling regime of AAP. Moreover the different NGO’s working in Delhi had filed their complaints to the concerned authorities to improve the plight of the villages. Mandoli is one of the oldest villages in the national capital.

Over the years, the village has witnessed a sharp rise in population, and lack of basic amenities has made it difficult for the people here to live a comfortable life.

Chajju Ram, a resident of Mandoli said“You can see garbage all over from the beginning of Sewa Dham Road to Mandoli Mandir.”

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