Free Wi-Fi: AAP gives lollypop to Delhi residents

After a year in Delhi, AAP govt to give free Wi-fi in a market

When the AAP supremo had taken the reins of Delhi a year ago, he was continuously boasting of providing free Wi-fi in a year. However, the government has completed one year but nothing has been done so far in this regard. The residents of the national capital have seen the dark face of the Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal.

AAP government announced free wi-fi for a small market only

The curtain from the ugly face of the AAP has risen as recently the ruling government has announced free wi-fi facility for Sant Nagar market area only. AAP ruling government has made an absurd announcement in haste. As per the information, the residents of the city up in arms against the government as they feel that after a year the government only provide the facility to a market.

Few MB data for users

The shameless AAP government would provide few MB data free of cost to the users for Sant Nagar market area. The move of the government has been seen as an initiative taken in haste to save the image of the party. The idea has been given by the private consultants to the party so that the people could not lose hope in AAP. But, the free data would be given for just few minutes and still there is no scope for the scheme to be started till March 15. An official in the government told that the scheme would be launched after March 15.

Free Wi-fi would be given for three months on trial basis

The government has been playing another stunt to dupe the people of Delhi as the free wi-fi service would be provided for three months on tiral basis by a local vendor. After that no one knows what will be the fate of the service.

“The vendor is already providing Wi-Fi service which is chargeable as of now. It will now provide freeWi-Fi service for three months on a trial basis. If we get good response, we will move the project further,” a senior government official said. During this period, the service provider will not charge the Delhi government.