How AAP is playing caste-based politics

“There is rising belief among masses that reservation should be based on economic condition and not based on caste or creed. Even major political parties are now sharing the views of ending caste based reservation but Aam Aadmi Party stands apart in this case and AAP leaders are vociferous in demanding caste based reservation in view of milking dalit vote bank.”

We can’t deny the fact that dalits in India have been a downtrodden society and a majority of them have faced discrimination. Reservations policy was introduced for their upliftment but decades after this policy was introduced; it has now become a tool for politician to milk dalit vote bank. A flawed policy, many beneficiaries enjoy huge benefits generation after generation despite boasting of respectable social and financial status.

Conflicting Views

Aam Aadmi Party, which always plays caste card, has always been vociferous in supporting caste-based reservation. But contrary to party’s views, senior leader Kumar Vishwas said the party instead wanted it to be replaced by reservation for economically backward classes.

Causing major embarrassment to the party, AAP spokesperson Sanjay Singh had to step in to clarify that these were Vishwas’ personal views and doesn’t represent party’s stand.

Dividing Nation

From protest against Mandal Commission in the year 1990 to latest protest by Jatts in Haryana, it is clear that reservation policy has only divided the nation and many political parties have further intensified such divide by fuelling public uproar against establishment. It is pertinent to mention here that smaller political parties play the dangerous game for getting instant recognition and AAP since inception has been playing the divisive role for its own political interests.

Kejriwal has only one objective and that is to gain on different vote banks and Dalit vote bank being the biggest chunk, his focus has been on wooing dalits. Whenever any political leader raises voice in favour of reservation for economically weaker section of society, Kejriwal is quick enough to counter saying it would dent the reservation quota of SC/ST and other socially weaker section of society.

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