Kejriwal’s ministers’ harassing bureaucrats

IAS officers complains that they are pressurised by AAP ministers’

The dictatorial attitude of Arvind Kejriwal’s ministers’ has been pressurised the IAS officers working in different departments to apply for deputation in other states. In a span of one year of AAP regime, the bureaucracy is not satisfied with the adamant attitude of Kejriwal and his ministers in the national capital.

As per the information, the ministers have been continuously interfering in the functioning of the bureaucracy. The officers complaining that the AAP ministers are directing them to work on their terms.

Delhi government IAS officers urged centre to send them on deputation in other states

The 1988 batch IAS officer Chetan Sanghi who was principle secretary in Urban Development department had requested the centre government to send him on deputation in other state. Sanghi has stated in his application request to send him on deputation as he has been pressurised by the concerned minister. Sanghi was the member of the panel investigating the Delhi District Cricket Association’s scam. He has revealed in his letter that he has been forced to induct an individual’s name in his report.

In another case, a 1994 batch IAS officer Amarnath had to assume the charge in Delhi government from April 1, 2016. However, he had given a request to the centre government to relive them from Delhi and depute them in other state. He had sent a request letter to AAP government that he wants to go in centre government. The request is pending with the union home ministry and Amarnath is on leave from since February 2016. As per the sources, the officer was not happy with the health minister Satendra Jain. The sources said that the minister had issued written ordered the department to send the files to him directly. He had issues orders to bypass the officers and send the files directly to Jain. After the written orders, Amarnath had gone for long leave.

In the third case, Kuldeep Singh Gangar, an official of State Civil Service had levelled allegations against the ministers for harassment. He had also written a letter to Arvind Kejriwal in which he had cited the reasons to go on deputation.

Kejriwal’s minister’s want their blue eyed officers in their departments’

As per the information, the ministers of Kejriwal want that their blue eyed officers could be brought their departments. So, that’s why they are deliberately harassing the officials so that they could leave the departments and the ministers could bring their favourite officers