Kejriwal’s “Women Security Force” only in papers

“The residents of Delhi especially the women who were promised by “AAP” during the poll campaign that the city would have its own “Women’s Security Force” are still waiting for the “Mahila Suraksha Dal”.

Kejriwal and company had contested the Delhi polls on a 70 point action plan and the victory was entirely credited to the “AAP’s big promises” made to the people. Right from the existence of the party, Arvind Kejriwal and the party leadership talking about the women safety issue. Even during the country wide protest in Nirbhaya case, AK and the party workers raised their voice against Delhi police at that time.

The incident happened during the regime of then Congress Chief Minister, Sheila Dixit and Kejriwal had lambasted at Dixit government. Moreover, at that time, he had demanded that Dixit should be stepped out as CM.

In 2015, the party played up with the 70 point action plan during the poll campaign and the women security was the special concern of the “AAP.”

“Mahila Suraksha Dal” in “AAP” manifesto

“AAP will set up Mahila Suraksha Dal or Women’s Security Force made up of a 10,000 strong Home Guard who are currently forced to work as servants, drivers and cooks at the residences of senior officers and ministers. AAP will also use 5,000 bus marshals to prevent and deter crime on public transport.

Where are the home guards? Where are the bus marshals?

Kejriwal’s “women security force” was an unrealistic plan. “AAP government” has failed to achieve the aim of the force despite completing a year in Delhi. Kejriwal faces flak because of his foolish plan which fetched him the votes of women in the national capital.

Rajni Sharma, resident of Vivek Vihar said, “We casted our vote to the AAP party as we were witnessing the incidents of eve teasing in the public buses. We thought that Kejriwal would do something for us. But a year passed, we have not found women security guards and marshals in the buses.”

According to the information, “Law and order is a subject under the state list of the Constitution. However, for Union Territories (and, Delhi is one), law and order is a subject matter for the Union government. The police reports to the Union home minister and his ministry pays for the salaries, accommodation and infrastructure. Also, Delhi Police derives its powers from the Delhi Police Act, 1978.”

What the Delhi Police Act, 1978 says?

“There shall be one police force for the whole of Delhi and all officers and subordinate ranks of the police force shall be liable for posting to any branch of the force,” reads the Act.
 Kejriwal should resign

Arvind Kejriwal had given a statement during the protests in Nirbhaya rape case that then former CM Sheila Dixit should stepped out as CM in the state. Kejriwal had shouted at Sheila’s government and said that when such incident happened, CM should resign on moral grounds. But, if we look at the crime graph of Delhi in 2015, there are 2500 rape and 6000 cases of molestation has been reported. The graph has enhanced rapidly during the regime of CM Kejriwal in Delhi. Why Kejriwal did not submit his resignation.

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