Kejriwal takes the credit of Congress project

Project started by Sheila Dixit, Kejri boasts on completion

The Chief Minister of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal had inaugurated Industrial Training Institute at Mangolpuri. After the inauguration of the institute, the muffler man started boasting that the sanctioned cost of the project was Rs 24 crore and the actual cost calculated was Rs 16 crore.

Arvind Kejriwal has started boasting that the government has saved Rs 8 crore. The cleverness of the muffler man shown his dark side as he sanctioned more amounts so that he could project that the ruling AAP has saved crores.

Kejri receives sharp reply on Twitter

After the inauguration of the ITI, Kejriwal immediately Tweeted a message that the government saved Rs 8 crore from the project. Kejriwal said, “It is happening for the first time in the history that construction projects are being completed on fewer amounts than the estimated cost. We are saving money in every project.”

The move was to depict the public that how AAP government worked with honesty. But a netizen replied to the Tweet that why sanctioned more money than the actual cost. It is not honesty it is called wrong estimate.

Project was started in Sheila’s regime, Kejriwal takes the credit

As per the information, the project was started in the former Delhi CM Sheila Dixit’s regime in August 2008 and it is completed in July 2015. The majority of the construction was done in Congress regime and the clever AAP supremo himself takes the feather in his cap. The move of the Chief Minister has shown his cheap stunt of publicity.

Deliberately sanctioned more funds than actual cost

If we have a look at the total expenditure on the project, the total sanctioned cost was Rs 11.67 crore and the AAP government has overspent the money on the project and claiming that the government saved Rs 8 crore. The false figures were given to the residents of Delhi to misguide them. The real facts would raise the curtains from Kejriwal’s dark side.


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