Kejriwal with killer of Sikhs, Tytler

Salamat Rahe Dostana Hamara

“There is a saying that truth can be eclipsed but never extinguished.”

Kejriwal Joined the Sikh protest against Jagdish Tytler in 2013

A year ago, the “Aam Admi Party” national convenor had promised the 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims to bring justice for them. Moreover, the issue was on the centre state of the party during the poll campaign and it was also in the highlights of party’s poll manifesto.

Kejriwal is hand in glove with Tytler

Truth behind the political stunt finally came out in front of the public as the recent pictures of Kejriwal with Jagdish Tytler exposed the friendship between the two. The picture shows that Kejriwal shaking hand with the killer of innocent Sikhs in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

HS Phoolka’s failure in 1984 case unearthed

The Supreme Court lawyer H S Phoolka, who is fighting the riot cases since 1984 did not bring justice to the riot victim families. Why he failed as he is fighting the case since the carnage happened? This is the case when there are sufficient documented evidence and proof against Tytler then why Phoolka failed? He failed because Tytler is a friend of his big boss “Arvind Kejriwal.” The picture is an enough evidence to raise the curtains of Kejriwal and Phoolka’s association with the culprit.

It was a political stunt to woo the Sikh voters in Delhi

Poll Promise of AAP

When the party contested the elections, a promise was made to the riot victims and members that a SIT would be constituted and a speedy investigation would be carried out by SIT so that the accused Jagdish Tytler could be put behind the bars.

The innocent Sikh community had trusted the “topiwala” and casted their vote for the new party hoping that the “Aam Aadmi” would bring justice to them. However, it was merely a stunt played by the so called “Aam Aadmi” who turned himself into “Khas” after assuming the power. An announcement was made by AAP government regarding the formation of SIT. But what happens to the SIT, let’s have a look.

“AAP” lost “SIT” files and the files were missing since 10 months

Source : NewsX

In June, 2015 the “AAP” government had claimed that a SIT formed immediately after the party took reigns of the national capital. According to the information by “AAP leaders” the three members SIT was formed in the beginning of the tenure of AAP. However, the fact came into limelight when the Kejriwal government missed the SIT probe files. The files were missing since April 2015.

Kejriwal’s AAP deliberately hide the SIT files

The recent picture of Delhi CM Kejriwal holding hands and smiling with the killer of innocent Sikhs, Tytler gone viral on social media. The CM who had claimed to punish Tytler and put him behind the bars now himself revealed his dirty and cheap face as he is the close associate of Tytler. The picture indicates that the SIT failed to lead anywhere when the CM openly shaking hands with the culprit.