Kumar Viswas, a molester in AAP’s coterie

The “Aam Aadmi Party” had promised the residents of Delhi during their poll campaign to make a safe city for women. The party leaders who claimed themselves as “massiah” of women now started showing their colours.

The clean image of AAP is actually not clean as within a span of one year, the city has witnessed different criminal cases against the legislators.

Kumar Vishwas, the prominent leader of AAP who highly talked about the rights of women now turned into a different man. A complaint filed by a woman volunteer of AAP had exposed Vishwas.

A woman volunteer of AAP had given a complaint to Delhi police against Vishwas in which it had been mentioned that the leader molested and harassed her so many times.

Kumar Vishwas

The complaint, addressed to the Chanakyapuri Police Station, alleged Vishwas tried to “physically exploit” her and “touched” her “inappropriately”.

She alleged the rumour which was being circulated by certain AAP workers was ruining her marriage and family life.

The incidents mentioned in the letters exposed Vishwas

The complainant had written in her complaint, “I met Kumar Vishwas (at his Ghaziabad home for campaigning work) for the first time. On seeing me, he put his hand over my waist and pulled me towards him, saying, “Tum bahut accha kaam karti ho, mujhe tumhari Amethi mein zaroorat hai (You work hard, I need you to work for me in Amethi). At the Amethi residence of Vishwas, he asked my friend (and another AAP volunteer) to leave the room to get a glass of water, and tried to force himself on me. I pushed him aside and came out of the room.”

Vishwas offered the complainant a big post in AAP

The complainant further mentioned that Vishwas tried to bait her. As per the complaint, “I visited AAP’s Patel Nagar office where I came to know it was Vishwas’s birthday. When I met him, he asked for a birthday gift, and said, ‘Mujhe tumhari har tarah se dosti chahiye. Use main khule lafzon mein kya bolun. Party mein aise kuch nahi milega. Main chanhunga to bahut kuch milega. While saying this, he touched my breast inappropriately.”

Why Vishwas did not speak against the complainant?

Kumar Vishwas

The complainant had told the police and different NGO’s in the city that she will withdraw her complaint if Vishwas openly denies any relationship with her in the past. Vishwas at that time did not come in front of the public. Moreover, he was not approachable by media. Why Vishwas did not speak up against the complainant?