Media giving undue importance to AAP

“Led by power hungry Arvind Kejriwal, Aam Aadmi Party is reduced to bunch of disgruntled leaders. Its support base is shrinking rapidly and it is all but a hype created with the help of undue importance given by media”

Delhi CM and AAP convener Arvind Kejriwal surely knows the knack of staying in news. ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ everything counts as far as headlines are made and Kejriwal & controversies go hand in hand. It is also true for his party, AAP. From infamous ‘ink attack’ to stone pelting during his latest visit to Punjab, there have been many instances of fabricated attacks to hog limelight.

Advertising as Paid News

Misleading ads of AAP, appearing like a news feature

It is pertinent that Delhi government has earmarked a massive Rs 526 crores for advertising, which is much higher than central government budget. Punjab’s annual ad budget is Rs 27 crores and AAP spent more than that during Kejriwal’s five-day visit to state. Huge two-page ads were issued in all the leading publications of the region continuously for five days. Nothing to boast of as achievements, AAP resorted to advertising and misleading ads appearing like news features were published extensively.

Propaganda by former journalists

Senior journalists like Ashutosh, Ashish Khetan and other, who used to host debates, later, turned AAP activists and are now busy pushing party agenda through media. Huge advertising budget supported with vast PR machinery further fuel party agenda.

AAP is a bubble about to burst soon. Lacking an ideology and a clearly defined vision, its supporter base is dwindling fast and unable to deliver any of the promises, it is constantly facing public ire.

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