Mohalla Clinic: AAP’s another much hyped poll plank

“Delhi government sanctioned Rs 209 crores for setting up 1000 ‘mohalla’ clinics in Delhi but in past one year it has opened only one clinic and now it is not even shying away from issuing huge advertisements in leading publication across the country boasting its much-hyped feat.”

The ‘mohalla’ or community clinics run by the Delhi government was another populist initiative undertaken to lure voters of socially and economically weaker & neglected strata of society. Healthcare is the basic need and making it accessible to poor people indeed appears a noble initiative but Kejriwal played with emotions of poor people by making this tall claim.

Fault in Mohalla clinic

Although only one clinic has been set up so far but that too is not devoid of shortcoming and resident living around expressing their dissatisfaction with it. What looked like a boon for the residents initially is now losing its charm owing to lack of proper research and planning. The same old problems that people face with most government healthcare facilities are faced here too.

Delhi government opened its first ‘Mohalla’ clinic at a relief camp in Peeragarhi area. But barely two months into its operation, the much touted project already starting drawing flak from the residents. Patients are unhappy with its treatment and think that it is like any other government hospital.

Long queues, non-availability of medicines and other equipment hamper the functioning of clinic. Despite government’s claims, resident are forced to buy medicine from private medical stores.

When the project was initiated, it was meant to be open in a locality with population not more than 6,000 but the one opened by Delhi government so far has a population at least thrice than stipulated figures.