“The Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal who had attained a centre
stage in Indian politics a year ago by pretending as an “Aam Aadmi” has now turned into “Khaas” aadmi as he has been enjoying cough
treatment at a five star health spa in Bengaluru.”

Aam Aadmi CM enjoys khaas treatment in Bengaluru

Spending taxpayers’ money lavishly for personal check up

It’s second time when Kejriwal is being treated at Jindal Naturecure
for chronic cough and diabetes on tax payers’ money as Delhi
Chief Minister. Despite ignoring the country’s top medical
institutions in the national capital and misusing the public money,
AAP supremo has preferred a private institute for personal health

Jindal Naturecure Institute, Bengaluru

When Kejriwal had won the Delhi assembly elections in February 2015,
after a couple of weeks he had flown to Bengaluru for getting
treatment in the same institute. He was accompanied by his parents in
that tour also.

When Kejriwal returned after the medical leave, he was red faced when
media persons asked him who would bear the expenditure. He had no
excuse except saying that he would not get the bills reimbursed.

The muffler man has again selected the same royal health farm for the
treatment cough and diabetes. He reached the farm on January 27 and he
will stay for ten days. Why a representative who projected himself
messiah of common man turned into a devil? He used the sentiments of
people to win votes only and now he is enjoying a lavish health
in Bengaluru. Why he is spending public money on royal
treatment? This time, Kejriwal will again defend himself by making
false explanations.

An RTI reply exposed AK’s “austerity”

In 2015, he spent Rs 12 lakh on his medical tour

AAP founder had contested the Delhi elections by making tall claims
that austerity would be one of the main mottos of public
representatives. But he did not keep his promise after attaining power
and aam Kejriwal preferred to get treatment in an expensive five star
spa. He could have gone to Delhi’s government institutions where he
would have treated free of cost. The first step towards anti-austerity
exposed him. A RTI reply had revealed that Kejriwal’s total expenditure of the tour was approximately Rs 12 lakhs for ten days. Even this time he is also doing the same on public money.

Arvind Kejriwal traveled in Business Class with his family to Bengaluru

“Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them”
 Stephen Richards

The quote perfectly suits on Kejriwal who has promised the public to
give good governance in Delhi and a complete prosperous state where
common man would get basic amenities. The protector turned predator as
he levied VAT taxes on Petrol and Diesel twice in a financial year.
Water and Power tariff rose in the national capital and the move was
justified that the money would be spent for the welfare of public.

Dual purpose tour of Kejriwal

During the medical holidays, a political rally of AAP is scheduled in
which the party supremo will address the auto rickshaw drivers. In the
span of ten days at Bengaluru, Kejriwal will address the second
political gathering outside the national capital after Punjab.
Kejriwal is getting treatment on public money in the health farm and
moreover, he is also using the money for his own political activity.
It clearly raised finger on the credibility of Kejriwal who has

mastered the art of be-fooling public.

Views of Delhi residents on Kejriwal’s tour

Bharat Vij, a resident of Dilshad Garden said “We thought that
Kejriwal’s government would bring respite to common man. But we feel
cheated as Kejriwal brought respite for himself. He is levying taxes
in the capital and enjoying the costly treatment on public money.”

Sumit Diwedi, a resident of Shakti Vihar travels to Noida regularly
said, “All the promises made by Arvind Kejriwal are false. He raised
the VAT on diesel and petrol. He is a liar and now he is getting VVIP
treatment by harassing us. All the politicians are alike.”

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