Water crisis in Delhi, another failure of “AAP”

The national capital is witnessing the major crisis of water from the past few days and the ruling government failed to curb the problem. Aam Aadmi Party had boasted to provide free water to the residents of Delhi during their poll campaign. Moreover, the party claimed that the water problem in the city would be no longer of the party forms the government.

However, the party did not fulfill its promise and now the situation has worsened in the city. As per the information, the entire capital is facing water crisis from the past few days and from the last 24 hours, majority of the areas in Delhi have not seen even a drop of water.

People are buying water from private suppliers and for drinking, they have no other option except buying water bottles from shops.

The foolish minister of ruling AAP government, Kapil Mishra termed the crisis as “historic” and he put the blame on the recent protests for Jat reservation in Haryana. Mishra also admitted that the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) had almost run out of water.

The ruling regime has only 700 water tankers to provide water in the national capital having the population of two crores.

Mishra told the residents to use water carefully and mainly for drinking purposes as there was no certainty as to when the regular supply would be restored.

Questions arose over the efficiency of the ruling government. Why the AAP did not maintain the water reservoirs? The government after failing to curb the problem of water in the city and started giving excuses of protests in Haryana state. The government stating that due to the protests, the water from the neighboring state is not coming to the capital.

A budget of Rs 526 crores have been allocated for information and publicity in Delhi. The month expenditure of Kejriwal’s advertisement is approximately Rs 25 crores.

However, for the residents of Delhi, Kejriwal’s government has 700 water tankers in the worst situation. The water crisis in the national capital has exposed the AAP government which failed to provide the proper water to the residents of city.

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