Where is CBI inquiry in Koli’s case, Mr Kejriwal?

The ruling Aam Aadmi Party has completed one year in Delhi and despite in the power, the Kejriwal and company has forgotten the death of Santosh Koli, a former RTI activist who was also the founder member of AAP.

Koli, a bold RTI activist who had highlighted the actual plight of the different departments was the AAP founder member and she breathed her last in 2013 after a car ran in to her while on a motorbike. In the case, the attackers managed to escape easily. She had been attacked several times in the past. Once the unknown persons slit her throat also but she had survived. However, she lost her life when a car ran into her.

Kejriwal was boldly claiming that it was a planned murder and he held so many protests so that a fair inquiry should be ordered. At that time, Kejriwal had openly claimed that if the party comes into power, a high powered inquiry would be conducted by an independent agency.

The AAP government has completed one year term and the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal has changed his stand on the case as nothing has been done so far by the government.

Even the parents of Koli had alleged that no one from AAP had come to their family to console Koli’s death. The family had alleged that Kejriwal had done nothing after becoming the Chief Minister. Moreover, he had not demanded any inquiry.

The rival parties had raised suspicion on Kejriwal in Koli’s murder case. A senior Congress leader had said that it was happened as she knew a lot of things about the party as a founding member.

According to the Congress leader, “It may not be out of place to mention here that Santosh Koli was in the know of things about the receipt of funds by Arvind Kejriwal from different sources and their use by him and other shady deals about which she had filed an affidavit in a court seeking a detailed enquiry. Santosh Koli was also gaining popularity in the party hierarchy and among the masses. Both these factors were a great eye sore to Arvind Kejriwal and there is a strong possibility that he wanted to eliminate her.”

Even Keriwal has kept the post mortem report of Koli with himself and he never revealed the report to public or never given it to her parents.

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