Why Kejriwal prefers to get health check-up at Bengaluru?

The “self-proclaimed” messiah of Delhi people, who is suffering from chronic
 cough and diabetes has lost his trust in Delhi’s healthcare
 The national capital has number of government hospitals and country’s
 top most medical institutions like AIIMS.
 Despite knowing the fact, the so called “Aam Admi”, Kejriwal preferred
 to go for a private healthcare institution outside his own

picture source: india.com

People across the country prefer to get their medical treatment done in
 the national capital. Moreover, medical tourism has increased in the
 state, then the question arises why he lost his trust in Delhi’s healthcare services?
 Even International Research Journal of Business and Management
 reported a case study which depicted that the medical tourism rose in
 national capital.
 The journal quoted, “According to a study carried under the aegis of
 Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), medical tourism in India is
 projected to become a US $2.3 billion industry with an annual growth
 rate of 30 per cent in 2012 from 12percent (2002). India’s medical
 tourism selling slogan “First World Treatment at Third world Prices”
 is very effective and popular campaign in all over the world. Delhi,
 NCR has emerged as a perfect destination for medical tourism in
 The decision of Kejriwal for getting treatment at Jindal Healthcare
 Institute at Bengaluru proved that he doesn’t believe in the
 healthcare facilities of his own state anymore.
 Kejriwal promises to provide better healthcare in state
 Fails to deliver his promise in Delhi, gets treatment in Bangaluru

 When he fought the big battle in Delhi, he promised the residents to provide proper healthcare services in the state. Even he had claimed that citizens of Delhi lost faith in healthcare services provided by the state.

It was mentioned in the election manifesto of AAP, “The citizens of
 Delhi have lost faith in the healthcare services provided by the state
 and spend exorbitant amounts on questionable private healthcare.”
 AAP government is completing one year in February 2016 and AK’s
 promise is still a distant dream for Delhi residents. Moreover, he
 himself lost the faith in public healthcare facilities in his own
 Politicians across the country prefer Delhi for healthcare services
 But for Kejriwal, Benguluru is the best place

 If we talk about the healthcare services in Delhi, people across the
 country prefer Delhi. Moreover, the politicians and bureaucrats get
 treatment in the state. A question raised on the medical tour of
 Kejriwal to Benguluru. Why he ran away from Delhi to Benguluru for
 health check-up in a private institute rather than taking treatment in
 Delhi? He should have set an example in this case.
 Who is Kejriwal? “Aam Admi” Ya “Congres” Ka admi

 Kejriwal could have taken treatment in other medical institutions or
 hospitals. But he preferred a private institution, Jindal Naturecure
 Fingers rose at Kejriwal’s tour that why he choose the private
 institution which is being run by the country’s prominent
 industrialist Navin Jindal’s family.
 Jindal was the Congress leader who came into limelight for the
 Coalgate scam. He always raised his voice against corruption then why
 he preferred to go for Jindal’s institute.
 Kejriwal has links with Congress party as he expelled Prashant Bhushan
 from the party for antiparty activities but the truth behind the move
 was different. Bhushan was appearing on the behalf of a NGO which
 exposed the Coalgate scam and he paid the price for raising his voice
 in Coalgate scam.
 Finally, the medical tour to Benguluru has exposed Kejriwal in front
 of the public that he is not a liar but he is a Congress man too.

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