Amarinder- only a part time politician

The latest talk that goes in Punjab is that President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee; Capt Amarinder Singh is not a full time politician. He is President of the Punjab Congress because Congress high command has become so weak that he has been able browbeat his way up. At the most he can be called a part time politician.

People question his absence from the politician scene. They say that earlier as Deputy Leader of Parliament, Capt Amarinder Singh had broken all records ass he was hardly attended the session of Parliament. In fact, even the day when Congress Vice-President, Rahul Gandhi delivered his solo speech in Parliament, Capt Amarinder Singh was absent. There are speculations whether; he was in Swiss where he and his family members have staked ill gotten black money in Swiss Bank or in Pakistan closet with his girl friend Aroosa Alam. However, the fact remains that he is mostly inaccessible. Even now how many of us have seen Captain Amarinder Singh during the past few months?

Inaccessible Amarinder

Does Capt Amarinder Singh think that inaccessibility makes him a VIP? If you become accessible to everybody, you might become a popular social worker but not a VIP. If there is a security ring around you, it also projects you as a VIP. A barrier of sycophants around you also makes you feel important. If some VIP is available to everybody all the time, people would say, he does not have any important work at hand. It is only the former chief minister who knows what he feels about his inaccessibility which he made a habit since his days as chief minister of Punjab. However, his absence from Parliament when he was deputy leader has irked people of Punjab as he remained absent on crucial days and failed to raise Punjab issues as a MP from Punjab.

Amarinder Captive Of Coterie

Many leaders of the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee accused Captain Amarinder Singh as being ‘inaccessible’. Perhaps, because he keeps a ring of sycophants around him who decide whom Amarinder should meet. People of Punjab feel that Capt Amarinder Singh is the captive of a coterie. Does that have something to do with the fact that Captain is not only a politician but at heart a Maharaja. How could you expect a Maharaja to be so readily available to his subjects?, question common people in Punjab sarcastically.

Surrounded by Sycophants

Capt. Amarinder Singh with his advisor B.S.Chahal who got charged by Vigilance under disproportionate assets charges

People say that Capt like politicians visit Punjab only when elections are round the clock. However, once they get elected a wall of sycophants and security personnel form a ring around them. The problem with Captain Amarinder Singh seemed that he remained inaccessible at the wrong time. So much so that even former chief minister of Punjab and senior Congress leader, Rajinder Kaur Bhattal had accused Amarinder’s coterie to the extent that it would issue passes and only those workers with the passes could meet him. Such is our inaccessible Capt Amarinder Singh!

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