Can Prashant Kishore steer Punjab Congress out of the mess?

Congress Punjab has already faced two consecutive defeats and this has drained out all of its confidence. So, they hired Prashant Kishore to plan the strategies for the upcoming state elections 2017. Prashant Kishore has the successful record of tow consecutive victories. With all the preparations done to make a hat trick, Mr. Kishore entered in Punjab but it seems as if he is “doubtful” about the “end”. It’s not about the good strategies of Prashant Kishore but the real question is if he would be able to make a change?

Mr Kishore is known to be the man behind the success of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Mahagathbandahan of Bihar. On the suggestion of Prashant Kishore, Captain Amarinder Singh boycotted the Khadoor Sahib elections and other members of the party did not like this decision. As per their opinion, this decision could become the reason of Congress’ negative image. However, Captain insisted that they should concentrate more on the state elections.

Accused of ’84 riots, City Centre Scam, Amritsar Improvement Trust Scam, Captain and his party has gained attention of Punjabis for all the wrong reasons. In addition, the royalty and attitude of Captain Amarinder Singh always adds the fuel to the fire. He gave clean chits to the Tytler and supported Asha kumara and Kamal Nath, which offended the people of Punjab.

“Past” of the Congress is surely overshadowing the “strategies” and “tricks” of Prashant Kishore. His “intelligence” has failed in front of the ill deeds done by the Congress Party. Let’s see if Congress makes a hat trick of “defeats” or Prashant Kishore makes a hat trick of “victories”.

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