Capt Amarinder Singh, an autocrat at heart!

Captain Amarinder Singh and his kind of politics is totally misfit in democracy as the Punjab Congress Committee President has failed to shed his autocratic mindset.
The latest proof of Captain Amarinder Singh’s autocratic mindset was in evidence when he made an announcement regarding his coronation ceremony as President of Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee. It was a reflection of it as in democracies party presidents assumes office and such pump and show and coronation was not in keeping with the democracy.

Amarinder-Simranjit have sinister designs

Wikipedia confirming fact- Amarinder & Simaranjit are relatives

Those who understand Punjab politics know that Captain Amarinder Singh and separatist leader Simaranjit Singh Mann are close relatives as their wives are sisters. They together hatch the conspiracies to derail Punjab’s peace and progress. Captain Amarinder Singh and Simaranjit Singh Mann meet frequently to draw strategies for pushing the state to black days when Punjab suffered a lot.

Mann & Amarinder S. Together

These two separatist leaders were anti-Punjab and both have a single point agenda to divide Punjab on sectarian lines. Do we allow all this to happen? As Punjab loving persons, we would not allow that to happen at any cost. This most powerful leader of the Punjab Congress was very weak in as he had lost in two successive Assembly polls in Punjab.
Congress hurt psyche of Sikhs

The Punjabis in general and Sikh community in particular could never forgive the Congress party for its sins against Punjab. How could the Sikh community forget sins of Congress like Operation Blue Star and 1984 anti-Sikh carnage, which have inflicted deep wounds on the Sikh psyche?

Protests Against 84 Anti Sikh Riots Culprits

Have not the Congress governments at the centre deliberately denied the state of Punjabi speaking areas, its capital Chandigarh and even its legitimate share in river waters to Punjab?
Back to the wall
Captain Amarinder Singh, the autocrat is now standing with his back to the wall and is now set to face the debacle for the third time in a row. The 2017 Assembly elections are not far away and result would confirm veracity of this. Congress has been behind all the forces inimical to the peace and tranquility of Punjab. The need for every Punjabis is to become an ambassador of peace and progress with a pledge to shut out all such dark forces. Also Capt Amarinder Singh has been hobnobbing with the radicals and Congress had aligned with extremist forces only for the sake of vote bank politics.

No balm on hurt psyche

Protests all over Punjab against Capt. Amarinder Singh for giving statement in favor of Jagdesh Tytler

When the heinous incidents of sacrilege in the state had bruised the psyche of every human being in general and that of Sikhs in particular, Capt Amarinder Singh had failed to apply balm on the hurt psyche. The Congress Party, however, was once again in the forefront to make political capital out of the situation when Punjab was burning. Do we trust such a leader like Capt Amarinder Singh and a party like Congress which was always anti-Punjab and anti-Sikhs. We need to teach such leaders and such a party a befitting lesson in the 2017 Assembly polls in Punjab.

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