Captain Amarinder Singh- Royal or Spoiled?

Head of the royal family, well known as the “Maharaja”, Captain Amarinder Singh is really the royal brat of Punjab. He belongs to the royal city Patiala and is a popular name in the Punjab. He is chosen as a President of Punjab Congress for the upcoming Punjab 2017 elections.

Apart from his “political personality”, there are numerous facts about his personal life which makes us think twice about the “real him”. He has always portrayed his image as the man of the people but the reality seems to be exactly opposite. He remains in headlines for his royal attitude and lifestyle. Being a political leader, he is expected to understand the problems of a common man but he never makes efforts to do the same. Having belief in the culture of pleasure and leisure, he is unable to relate to the sacrifices and issues of normal people. Due to these factors, his image in the public is more of a royal & spoiled brat than the leader of common people.

Despite of the hard and sincere efforts, the PR agencies of Congress have failed badly to change his negative image from the minds of Punjbais. His attendance in the Lok Sabha sessions shows the fact that he still is a “college going boy” because he never takes those sessions seriously. No matter what the Congress Party or common man thinks of his image, he can be seen enjoying & living life King Size.

Captain Amarinder Singh

People of Punjab have admitted that he is not capable of understanding even the very basic demands and requirements of common people. They also believe that he never tries to communicate and understand the exact needs of them. Even some people say that because he has never faced any real difficulty of a common man, that’s why life for him is a bed of roses.

The unfortunate thing about Captain is that his royalty doesn’t stop him from making illegal money. He was involved in the scandalous City Center Scam. Also, he decided to create a separate regional level party as he was not happy with Congress.

He is the leader which is hardly known for the good deeds or developments. He has gained all the attention of Punjabis by getting involved in scams, religious issues, revolting against his own party and more such factors. Oh, how can we forget his favorite habit of giving clean chit to his “not so guilty” party leaders..!!

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