Captain’s Advisor Bharat Inder Singh Chahal, a big time Scammer!

Bharat Inder Singh Chahal, a former media advisor to Captain Amrinder Singh, received a legal notice after he and his family members been charged in disproportionate assets case registered against them by Punjab Vigilance Bureau (VB).

Charges framed against Bharat Inder S. Chahal

The charges have been made against his wife named Jaswinder Kaur and his son Bikramjit Singh. Chahal is the prime accuse in the case. The charges are framed under the Prevention of Corruption Court and 120 (B) IPC.

During his tenure as a media advisor to Captain, his allocated assets worth more than Rs 10 crore was calculated, whereas it was supposed to be around 1.87 crore to his total income as per his salary standards. This massive distinction in the figures results out in severe scams. Thus, he was prosecuted.

Tehelka website provides info on Bharat Inder S. Chahal

It was no conceal that he was a filthy rich person. But his pretentious lifestyle has taken vigilance personnel by surprise during his tenure as a media advisor. He is charged to a series of criminal charges as well including attempt to murder. He had a fleet of about 20 swanky cars and buses. The total worth of vehicles itself amounts to Rs. 3 crore!

Right hand man of Capt. Amarinder Singh, Chahal began his career as a Govt. clerk and served as public relations officer in the Punjab Govt. for several years. The VB officials found that the luxury fleet of cars was only the tip of the berg. His palace like mansion with six huge LCD screens, 22 air-conditioners, dainty furniture and expensive showpiece, high-priced brands of alcohol constitute the other part of the iceberg. He has many properties in name widespread in Delhi, Mohali, Fatehgarh Sahib, Bathinda, Patiala and Chandigarh.

The Punjab and Haryana High Court annulled to select the Chahal’s son as DSP in the sports quota. The HC passed severe criticism and proceedings against Chahal for making the attempts to prevent Government records pertaining to the selection. Chahal was in the wharf for persuading the police to shut down the murder mystery of a Govt. school teacher named Surjit Singh.

He earned money out of scams with a sure support of the Congress. Captain Amrinder is the man behind his huge wealth. After all, Captain himself is involved in such corruption cases. The Congress in Punjab at least, has become synonymous to Corruption. Many of the Congress leaders found guilty on the same.

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