Congress always snatched Punjab’s legitimate right on water

“Punjab has always been at the receiving end due to contentious Satluj-Yamuna link canal, the river water-sharing pact between Punjab. After being responsible for all the trouble, Congress would never wants this issue to die down keeping their own vested interests in mind.”

When Haryana was carved out of undivided Punjab in the year 1966, it led to the problem of giving Haryana its share of river waters. Punjab was opposed to sharing waters of the Ravi and Beas with Haryana, citing riparian principles. Giani Jail Singh led congress government came out with a solution but that that deeper ramification on the socio-political front of Punjab.

Creation of Satluj Yamuna Link Canal

A decade later after the Punjab Reorganisation Act was implemented in March 1976 and even as Punjab continued to protest, Giani Jail Singh initiated a move to construct the SYL link canal. The work on the canal formally begun on April 8, 1982 for the construction of the 214-km Sutlej-Yamuna Link (or SYL) canal, 122 km of which was to be in Punjab, and 92 km in Haryana.

It is noteworthy that a year before that, Indira Gandhi then Prime Minister of the country had negotiated a tripartite agreement between Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. Interestingly in all three states congress was the ruling party. As a result, Punjab never got its legislate right out of river water sharing pact and what followed was mayhem which also became one of the prime reasons of eruption of militancy in state.

Desperate to wrest power from ruling SAD-BJP government, Congress is raking up the controversy with an aim to gain political mileage. After creating all the trouble by laying the foundation of contentious issue, congress in now indulging in blame-game to gain political mileage.

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