Congress Hobnobbing With Anti-National Elements

The massive protests at the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU took the political turn after the arrest of a student who was held for an event in support of Parliament attack offender Afzal guru. In the middle of it, the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi played it smart and intervene the situation while engendering support to the JNU students. He is being accused of hobnobbing with separatists of the nation.

Rahul In JNU

The event at JNU echoed with some anti-national slogans and speeches that raised many eyebrows across the nation. It drew the attention from every quarter. Politicos took it as a platform to play it dirty as always. Congress leading the chart gives it immense support to such an anti-national cause. The people across the nation condemned the move still Rahul Gandhi showed no regrets.

Afzal Guru was convicted and killed for attacking the Parliament of India. The students at JNU found his death as a sacrifice or martyred soul. The statements hurt the sentiments of the nation that where the youth is heading to. It is no less than provoking terror in the country. It has to be deterred at the moment. 
This incident shook the country where politicians like Rahul Gandhi lent his voice to separatists in the country. Does he wish for another partition? The kind of words that Rahul and his colleagues delivered at the campus proves that there is no national interest in their thoughts. Is this their way to support nationalism? We guess, in the chafe of defeat, Rahul Gandhi is not able to cope and tell the difference between anti-national and national interest. He is trying to encourage the secessionist forces in the nation.

Congressmen have alike mind. Even in Punjab, Congress has been found supporting the separatist elements during the Sarbat Khalsa congregation in Chabba village near Amritsar. Congress is making constant efforts to knock down the peace and harmony across the state while lending hand to extremists. 
From tending communal emotions and using anti-Punjab forces to disturb peace, Congress is doing every possible effort. Congress leaders provided a logistical support to the organizers of the Sarbat Khalsa congregation which had demanded a Khalistan. 
The Congress ‘Game Plan’ was reminiscent of its behavior in the 1980s. It is been propelled allegedly to instigate the terror in the state once again. 
In short, Congress is against development, growth and nationalism of the country. Pity on you people!

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