Congress ideology: No support to Anti-Terrorism!

It all started with the Congress support to Ishrat Jahan, an LeT terrorist. As per the facts, she was hired to kill Modi and other Indian bigwigs. Instead of realizing the gravity of the situation and being grateful that she failed to make the deadly attempt, the Congress part claimed that she was all innocent and killed in a forged encounter. They refuted all the claims that she was an LeT terrorist.

Then the party did the unthinkable as they brought the policemen to the court and got a case filed against them. Congress asked them to prove a person guilty first before taking them down. This news makes everyone wander how any nation or political unit can get away with such ardent anti-nationalism act. 
 During the Batla house case where a terror specialist Mohan Chand Sharma (Delhi Police Inspector) was killed while shooting down terrorists, the Congress party called it a fake encounter. An unbelievable statement by them once again!

Some of the Congress party members wanted Ishrat to won, otherwise why had they made it such an issue when everything pointed to a terrorist plot. It even had a Pakistani connection in it named Amjad Ali Rana. Had the Congress thought that Pakistani came to India and joined Ishrat for an excursion trip??
Also, a Pakistani newspaper verified the news that Ishrat was an LeT terrorist. How much more confirmation does the party need? In addition to it, Ishrat was a suicide bomber.

Such points and facts put Congress under frame as their past and present approach to protect the indefensible when you have clear evidence, smacks treason to the common man. 
Without a question, the world thinks we’re a soft cultured people. But if such Grand Old Party of India is either favors terrorist or contribute when terror strikes then they’re playing it in Pakistan’s hands and any civilized country would be tagged as anti-national.
Always remember, the politics of terrorism destroys the very fabric of every country. The leaders of the Congress party — Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi need to mull over and mend their ideologies if they really wish to do good for their nation. 
It is quite sad to know when a party that worked for our independence has come to this miserable condition. It proves to be irrelevant in every sphere of Indian life and national security. Thank god our voters understood their filthy politics.

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