Congress Non-Sensible Approach to Patriotism

Highly disappointed, frustrated and disturbed over the success of the BJP govt. at the centre, the Congress party has acceded on a phase of deep trauma. The disconsolateness in the Grand Old Party is so darn and visible that the party has even failed to perform its role of a responsible opposition in the nation.

Rahul Gandhi in JNU

With the rising frustration levels, the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi is not able to draw the difference between pro-national and anti-national activities. The hapless incident took place at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) cannot be pardoned and considered as pro nation by any level of thought.

The anti-national slogans and clear support for terrorist at India’s premier university cannot be accepted by any citizen of the nation. To top it all, the statements or words given by Rahul Gandhi and other Congress supporters in JNU displays yet again, that they have neither respect or love for the nation’s interests.

Some of the slogans which were during the protest at the JNU include — “Pakistan Zindabad, Go India-Go Back, Kashmir Ki Azadi Tak Jang rahegi Jari, Afzal Ham Sharminda Hain Tere Kaatil Zinda Hain and many more.”

Rahul Gandhi defended the students in the name of democracy. But actually this is not the first time Congress did something like this. The party always followed a non-sensible approach when it comes to patriotism. Supporting a motley group of students who talk irrational about the breaking of nation, Rahul Gandhi proved his damned view on nationalism. He has shown his lack of commitment towards nation’s integrity.

In fact he blamed the authorities on taking an action against the student’s revolution. He ignited the situation and said the officials are trying to nab down the freedom of speech. Everyone across the nation wonder has he joined the hands with radicals? Does he support another division of the country?

The incident is nothing but a conspiracy to turn the nation into a hotbed of terrorism and separatism. It brought a bad name to the nation. He compared the current govt. with Hitler’s Germany. The traits of Hitler’s personification are in Congress’ DNA and BJP doesn’t need the Congress to advise it on democracy or patriotism.

Our political morals are inspired by India’s rich heritage, culture, values and ethos. Indian constitution guides governance philosophy. The Congress President Smt. Sonia Gandhi and Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi owe an apology to the nation for his support to forces unfavorable to nation’s interests.

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