Congress Responsible For Farmers Plight!

There is no denying that farmers serve as pawns in time serving politics over the changes in land law. Politicos are using farmers for their own ill advantages to regain relevance. Rahul Gandhi, the Vice President of the Congress, is considered to bag a record in his own party since Independence.
Rahul sounds hypocritical after he proposed the changes in the land acquisition law. Farmers are really not impressed by his crocodile tears. After the banging loot of their (farmers) lands by the Congress, govts., the Gandhis must have shown some sympathy despite putting salt to their wounds. 
During Rahul’s first tenure as MP, the UPA Govt. formulated a strategy to transfer thousands of hectares of fertile agricultural land to chum capitalists who kept the Congress’ chests ringing with crores of black money and kept its leader in thralldom.

The alleged special economic zne schemes proved fake and fraud on the nation. Big industrial houses and real estate builders managed to grab the chunk of farmlands at throwaway prices in the name of SEZs. 
During this time, one of the corporate biggie heard saying that Congress is like home. It can make anything possible in exchange of sound moolah. The corporate tycoon was allotted with thousand hectares of lands by Congress govt. in the Gurgaon.

Not just Delhi NCR, Vadra accused in Bikaner land scam also

The another beneficiary of SEZ scam was a real estate group which is bestowed extravagant profits on Congress ka Jamai Babu, Robert Vadra as the latter had a magical powers to make Congress work at ultrasonic speeds in favor of his clients. The real estate company was sanctioned a huge SEZ in Haryana. However, the farmers got meager amount for their lands. 
Congress govt. was not farmer-friendly since its inception. There are so many points to buttress the fact. The Gandhi scion appreciated that all those surviving on agriculture are not actually the landowners. Landless laborers processing the land, etc. number far more than farm owners! Only 10 percent of the 54 percent Indians involved in agriculture want to continue in agriculture. The remaining wants to migrate in towns to get better living and work in the service sector.
Rahul Gandhi even put forth his plan to raise the minimum support price for wheat and rice which he failed to understand the concept as it is the MSP that defines the general price line for food products. 
Even the Congress in Punjab contributed in anti-farmer record terribly. The Captain’s Govt. failed to meet the need of farmers in Punjab.

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