Rahul Gandhi is an “anti-Sikh” & “anti-Punjab” Congress leader

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi had defamed the youth of Punjab by “branding”’ them as “drug addicts”. Punjab deputy chief minister Sukhbir Singh Badal slammed Rahul for saying that 70% of Punjab’s youth are on drugs. “By doing so, Rahul has proved that he is ‘anti-Punjab’ and ‘anti-Sikh’,” said Sukhbir Singh Badal.

Free to conduct Dope test

Sukhbir Singh Badal further stated that if congress graft really believes about existence of drugs in the state of Punjab then he is free to conduct dope tests on youth congress leaders and if anybody among them results positive then it will be interpreted as the presence of drugs in Punjab.

According to Union ministry survey conducted in the recent past, the state of Punjab had the least percentage of drug addicts and the problem was more severe in Mumbai and Aam-Aadmi-Party-ruled Delhi.

“Rahul Gandhi and other opponents of the state had been saying that 70% of our youth were on drugs, while the Centre’s social welfare department and All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) have now found that figure to be just 0.06% (or 16,620 individuals) of our 2.77-crore population,” Sukhbir Singh Badal stated. “If it were as the Congress said, this college where we are sitting must be full of addicts. Is it so?,” Sukhbir asked the gathering, adding: “Instead, its Delhi schools and colleges that are full of drug addicts, Mr. Gandhi.”

Punjabis are drug addicts — not acceptable

Deputy Chief Minister has said that history is witness that the Shiromani Akali Dal has always remained the sole champion of the brave peasantry of the country and especially of the people of Punjab. Also, Punjab had touched new heights of prosperity under the SAD-BJP regime, is well known to the masses.

“Leaders of the Congress and other opposition parties are maligning the “fair name and image” of Punjab by spreading white lies. How can a community like Punjabis, known for their bravery and feeding the entire nation, be branded as drug addict?” he asked.

Not only Rahul Gandhi but also leaders from other opposition parties should think twice before speaking on such vital issue, as it can vitiate atmosphere and the peace that currently prevails in Punjab thanks to efforts made by Punjabis, who are ‘Not’ drug addicts.



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