Scandalous Captain Amarinder Singh

Corruption, Scams or Swindles is a religion of the ruling class and when it comes to politics it is even more evident. India is still trying to come out of the dump of corruption. The scams and scandals have become as common as air. The swindles are not restricted to center but even at state level, scandals have created history which brings us to Punjab, the land of agriculture, prosperity and development but off late, it has snatched the limelight for city center scam, Barnala dispute, river dispute,SarbatKhalsa and so on. What is common in all this is the involvement of the Congress party and its leaders. Captain Amarinder Singh, the face of Congress for the 2017 elections and former chief minister of the state (2002–2007),year which is considered to the milestone of scams in the history of Punjab politics.

Amarinder Singh booked for City Center Scam

Although Captain is a strong face in Punjab and is reckoned by many people, yet his list of swindles is long enough to make people rethink their decision to bring back the Congress Party in power. Captain Amarinder Singh, served the state from 2002–2007 and in the same year, the infamous City Center scam surfaced, which alleged him as venal. It was professed that profits worth 1144 crore derived by Amarinder and his team. Forcing many to commit suicide is another black spot for Captain Amarinder Singh. The famous river dispute is another incident to be quoted here, to which Captain is now stating that it is wrong but he was the one who supported the Act that allowed sharing of river water with the non-riparian state of Haryana.

Punjab is still trying to come out of these disturbances when another incident takes place under the complete knowledge of Captain Amarinder Singh and Rahul Gandhi, the event of SarbatKhalsa that took place on 10thNovemeber 2015. The event got complete support of Congress Party , from the sources it has been revealed that Congress party is trying to bring back the Khalistan Movement which will create an atmosphere of atrocity once again.

Congress leaders involvement in Sarbat Khalsa

Apart form the political front, Captain’s personal life has also been a topic of discussion for many, his alleged affair with ArosaAlam (claimed to be an ISI agent), his royal lifestyle, inaccessibility have added to divulge his image as a spoiled leader.

Amarinder Singh with Aroosa Alam in Himachal

With all this happening, the silence of Captain Amarinder Singh has put the party in a questionable state. The downfall suffered by Punjab and its residents to too much and they need to move out of it rather than falling as an easy prey to Captain Amarinder Singh’s vicious dream of Power and Money.

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