Unable to make a mark, Captain to embark on US tour

In the run-up to assembly polls, Punjab Congress Chief, Captain Amarinder Singh is not leaving any stone turned. As a cover up to its abysmal response from the citizens of Punjab and youth centric initiatives, Captain is now desperately trying to woo the Punjabi diaspora in USA & Canada.

North American countries, USA and Canada have sizeable Punjabi expatriate community. The Indians working there can influence voters back in India. In such context, Captain Amarinder is smart enough not to miss out on huge opportunity. But the crucial question arises here — where is the money coming from for all these? Perhaps the money accumulated in swiss accounts is coming handy now.

Reflection of Captain’s breakdown

Captain Amarinder has already announced next assembly elections to be his last. Now, he is going all out to leave a lasting impression. After failing to woo young voters of Punjab through his much hyped ‘coffee with captain’ extravaganza, he is now eyeing the expatriate community in USA and Canada.

Captain Amarinder had accumulated huge amount by indulging in corrupt practices and the entire amount hence gathered was siphoned off to swiss bank accounts through fake companies opened by his family. His son Raninder Singh was summoned by court on the pretext on compliant filed by income tax and excise department. It is noteworthy that Raninder had created at least seven fake companies to pass on money on to swiss bank accounts during the tenure of his father as CM.

Signs of a dangerous game

Many Sikh extremist groups are based out of Canada. They were responsible for causing militant activities in 80s in Punjab. Majority of these groups who were eliminated but now slowly some of the splinter groups are trying to come out of the hibernation. There are indications that Congress party is siding with overseas Sikh radical groups for political gains and that pose a serious threat to peace & sovereignty of Punjab.