Warring’s SUV runs over a boy: used political power to keep victim’s family silent

Congress is again in limelight and without any doubt for all the negative reasons. National President of Youth Congress Raja Warring is a well-known face and has gained the attention due to his speech and words. His recent statement in which he said that no boys of his region will be left unmarried as he would arrange the brides from “Rajasthan” made the headlines. But this time the matter is serious as the private car of national president ran over a 10-year-old boy on the Muktsar-Bathinda road on Sunday afternoon in the village of Gidderbaha.

At the time of accident, Raja Warring was in Mumbai and his driver was driving the car at the time of accident. Sudan Singh, his driver took the boy along with his father to the hospital where the doctors declared him dead.

Warring’s SUV runs over a boy

However, we are surprised and shocked at the same time to know that father’s child refused to file any report against the driver. Owner of the car and national president of Congress offered his condolences to the family and said that the family is not ready to file any complaint against the driver.

The way in which victim’s family denied to file any complaints force us to think that Raja Warring might be using political influence or money power to suppress the voice of victim’s family. One more question that came to our mind that why Congress party is not getting involved in this matter instead they are defending their party member to “avoid” any “trouble” near elections. When will congress stop doing such sort of inhuman acts under the influence of politics and power, only God knows..!!

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