Why is Capt. Amarinder Singh soft on extremist elements?

Former CM of Punjab and currently serving the position of president PPCC, Captain Amarinder Singh said that the use of pellet guns by the CRPF personnel against the protesters in Kashmir is unacceptable. During an informal talk to reporters at a function organized by NSUI, PPC President stated that young boys are being provoked to do such sort of activities but in return, we cannot make them all blind for life. Captain Amarinder gave this reaction against the CRPF DGP’s statement in which he said that they (Army) would continue to use pellet guns against the stone pelting mobs as they are left with no other option. As per Amarinder Singh, use of pellet guns is not the solution; instead, CRPF should adopt some other methods to deter the mob groups.

Know the rules “ARMY MAN”

Being an ex army person himself, how Captain Amarinder Singh forgot the fact that our army forces also face many troubles due to these protests. The terrorists are killing them, protesters are pelting stones on them, and how they spend their entire life under pressure due to these anti national forces. How can Amarinder Singh forget about the ISI and other anti-national forces, which never miss a chance to threaten the valley and our country? Why cannot we treat them in the same way as they treat us?

So, coming to the point, we should ask Mr. Amarinder Singh that why he never commented when our soldiers are brutally killed, when they are being tortured by the enemy forces, and when they struggle every second of their life just to make sure that we all Indians can sleep peacefully at homes. How can Captain suggest our officers to throw roses to the enemies when they are pelting stones at us? Has he really forgotten the “war” and “army” rules or it is just an election stunt for him?

Why the valley burnt in the fire of protests?

Burhan Muzzafar Wani was shot dead by security forces along with two of his accomplices in Kokernag area. Numerous protesters in Kashmir protested over this killing and due to the clashes between protesters and security force many people and army personnel were killed. Youth came out of houses and protested on the roads, several areas were sealed, and valley was under curfew for many days. Many young boys showed their anger by throwing stones, bombs, bottles etc. on our army personnel and Indian Army was left with no option but to use pellet guns to stop the youngsters.