Taking Matters Into My Own Hands: Interesting Pieces I’ve Read Lately
The Solitary Cook

Ah, Cook…this was a great read — and not because you’ve mentioned me, I swear! The folx you cite are wonderful writers (looking especially at you, @SLynnKnight) and now you’ve introduced me to more, and more worthwhile publications. The Mediums is a glorious mix of wonderful and terrible and everything in between. As I am most often reading on my phone, I know I miss lots of great writing. Thank you for doing the legwork today.

I am happy to report that my relationship with my daughter, after reaching crisis-level shitstorm, is improving. We’ve got a long haul ahead of us, and there are certain conditions that she is going to have to adhere to, as well as owning up to her actions. However, I believe we are now on the mend…and no quilt is sewn in a day .

Have a wonderful week, and thank you again.

Much love, Heather

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