Bye. I’m Good and I’m All Set. Good Luck.

Between medium and Twitter and raising a teen and work work work work. I lost it.

Oh hai! Here is the Lost and Found My Shit on Medium.

Pushed send. Knowing it would anger and yet?

Don’t care don’t care. DON’T CARE.

He was lonely and lovely and kind and i was lonely and lovely and kind and

It didn’t matter. Because I love my partner of almost 18 years. He, who:

  • Infuriates
  • Negates
  • Mocks and locks and
  • Loves me
  • when I was below surface and
  • loved me when I was
  • A fraction of a piece of a sliver of a
  • Human
  • And emerged

Haiku, for Him:

I’ve loved you forever

Thick thin Hard Soft always You

North South East West You

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