I just realised There are Many things to be grateful for even when you think your life sucks.
Michael Adewunmi

Dear Michael,


Second: Thank you: It is people like YOU, ok, YOU! who keep me writing: not for accolades, but for the CONNECTION in this great big blue marble.

Truly? In any other time in human history, where would a middle-aged, American, white woman and a young, Nigerian Black man be able to connect? I am so grateful and proud to be someone that you can connect with. Because it is connections like this that, to me, anyway, prove that we, the human species, are, at our core, connected. By love. By experience. By the very primal need to connect, which helps to make sense of our whole reason for being.

I love the sky. The eternal “what if? is that? What might? How did? Can we? Do they?” I feel when gazing to the miraculous heavens. So many questions! So few answers. And yet? So many possibilities that it is simply unimaginable: except it is not. Because to believe in the possibility — nee, the certainty — of knowing that we humans do not know much at all, that gives rise to the infinite possibilities that exist beyond this concrete plain, that keeps me going.

Life as we know it can very often be hard and without mercy and grace. All one has to do is to step outside one’s comfort zone to know this. I recently read some incredible and awful pieces about Doctors Without Borders in South Sudan; women and children who LITERALLY spend their daily waking hours hiding in swamps up to their necks, to avoid soldiers. How grateful they were to be ALIVE. To be part of this life, this world; how they fight daily to remain here, even though their very existence is tempered each minute with the knowledge that they could be tortured and eventually killed in unimaginably brutal ways.


The things I have endured did not kill me. Indeed, they made me stronger. Made me empathetic. Made me so damned grateful to simply be here to be able to celebrate the 3 billion heartbeats that we are, on average, allocated. And when I read pieces like yours? Please know: You, Michael, are a hero. A warrior. A voice to be reckoned with. Someone I am so eternally grateful to get to know.

Happy Birthday, Beautiful Man. Thank you. Much love from your human counterpart, thousands of miles around this big, blue, watery rock, floating in the universe. Heather Nann
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