Colette Clarke Torres In short (very short), I agree completely with you.
The Solitary Cook

I can’t thank you enough, even tho I did take some criticism and endured some pedos trolling me. Was my response visceral? Yes. Could it have been less emotional? Probably, as I have done research and written on kids who’ve been sexually assaulted: research from a data-driven, academic POV. But I was coming from a place of honesty. And that, sometimes, gets me in trouble because it comes from a place of rawness. Nevertheless: I REFUSE to play semantics with rapists. And those who fantasize about raping children. These scumbags want permission. They have the everloving audacity to compare themselves to Black and Brown people, to Jews, to the Queer community. And I’m having none of it. No fucks whatsoever.

Thanks, Sis. Thanks.

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