The Storm With Four Names
Lisa Shanahan

Loved this. A couple of years ago I went to Gloucester & Rockport for a seafood festival. The waves were so ragey; it was October & they were coming up over the sea wall overlooking the cove, splashing the Fisherman’s Memorial. It felt a warning; the day was actually quite beautiful, but the sea was reminding us of her strength.

As a long-time New Englander, nothing thrilled me more, recently, than coming up the drive to my friend’s new house & spotting the lobster pots at the edge of driveway. Her son A is a lobsterman, and each time I hear of bad weather, I think good thoughts for him and his captain and fellow fishermen.

Pulling the sea’s bounty is a dangerous job, but one that is in A’s blood, as it is for his uncles. The Blessing of the Fleet, in Galilee, RI, always draws thousands. I have to assume there are plenty of non-believers in the crowd, but the good wishes and hopes are universally felt. Bring them home, each day, safely.

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